What Is The Difference Between a desk and a credenza

What Is the Difference Between A Desk And A Credenza?

The term “Credenza” can be quite confusing. Some think it’s a desk, others think it’s a sideboard, and some others think it’s a buffet.

This article is going to present the Credenza and clarify the differences.

Credenza Definition

A Credenza is a cabinet-style piece of furniture, a stylish storage solution with a service surface.

What’s The Origin Of The Word Credenza?

“Credenza” is an Italian word that comes from the Latin word “credential”. It means belief, confidence, and trust.

The nomination will seem less weird to you after you know the root of this word.

In the middle ages and renaissance, one of the ways to protect the royal or noble families from a danger like poison was to taste their food and drinks before they do. A servant tastes the food put at a dining room sideboard before serving it. Later the term “credential” was used for the room in which this tasting took place and then to the furniture that held the food to be tasted.

At that time, Credenza was a simple rough table draped with a piece of cloth. Nowadays, it’s a more architecturally sophisticated piece of furniture used for several purposes.

How Does A Credenza Look?

A Credenza is a cabinet-style piece of furniture, it has a long flat main working surface and lots of storage space below. It has a low shape. Therefore, you can find it without legs, or with extremely short legs.

Sometimes, a hutch is added to the top of the Credenza to give it additional space and functionality, called “Credenza with hutch”.

Simply put, a Credenza is typically a closed cabinet style piece of furniture but sometimes also features open shelving. It can be decorative and ornate with embellished carvings and hardware, or it might be simple, sleek, and modular, capable of blending in with any decor.

What is The Difference Between A Desk And A Credenza?

The difference between a desk and a Credenza remains in the shape and the function.

  • The shape:

A desk is a piece of furniture with a table-style work surface and tall legs. A table, frame, or case, usually with a sloping top, often has a drawer or repository underneath.

A Credenza is a piece of furniture too, only longer with shorter legs (if not any) and often with sliding doors.

  • The function:

A desk is used for academic, professional, or domestic activities, and is traditionally located in an office.

Whereas, Credenzas are often, but not always, part of a matching set that can include pieces such as a primary desk, a conference table, a cabinet for a whiteboard…

They can also be found inside the house, like the dining room, the kitchen, or the entryway as their surface can serve to hold items (like the TV, or decoration) and to store.

Can A Credenza Substitute A Desk or A Workspace?

Can a Credenza substitute a desk or a workspace? No. Can a Credenza desk substitute a normal desk? YES.

Credenza desks are desks with Credenza features. They provide a larger worksurface and additional storage options. Here is an example.

They are an extremely convenient way for people to spread out papers and materials they would otherwise not have room for, and an accessible storage area to help to keep the workspace tidy.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Credenza?

The Credenza is a versatile, beautifully made piece of furniture. At home or office, it can be adapted to many different functions and locations.

If you need more than your laptop while working, like papers, files, lots of reports, a Credenza will provide you additional space and storage. More room to spread out, take notes, and collaborate on projects.

Also, if you like to work on an empty work surface, and you don’t want to get rid of your office decoration, your kid’s pictures, or your books, use the top of the Credenza and store your documents underneath.

It helps you reduce clutter and stay organized by providing out-of-sight storage that is easily accessible but not in the way on a day to day basis.

Key benefits of the Credenza:
  • Provides additional work surface
  • Offers extra storage space and better organization
  • Facilitates meetings and collaborative work
  • Can fit any office decor or style
  • Offers a sophisticated and executive feel to your office decor

Not only at the office, but a Credenza can also be a great addition to your living room. It makes a wonderful TV stand, and the storage can serve to store all the CDs and DVDs you have.

In the kitchen or the entryway, a Credenza can beautifully hold your decoration items.

What’s The Perfect Place For A Credenza?

  • In the office:

When located in an office, the Credenza desk is often placed against the wall immediately behind or perpendicular to the main desk, but close enough that the user can reach it from the seated position at the main desk by simply swiveling and wheeling their office chair over to it.

Credenzas can also be found in conference rooms and boardrooms. They can be an extremely convenient way for people to spread out papers and materials, they would otherwise not have room for on their desks.

  • At home:

The combination of storage and the flat surface makes the Credenza a great addition to just about any room. The hallway, the kitchen, or even the dining room where it can store and display tableware or keepsakes and be used to layout food during gatherings.