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Office Setup

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Office Setup

Whether you’re leasing office space or turning a spare bedroom into a home office, learn how to set up and run an office to make your business as productive as possible.

Office Furniture

The average office chair can cost upwards of $350! It seems like a hefty price to pay for something that won't be used Read more
Imagine you’re at a party and you have to go to the bathroom. Instead of walking there as most people would, you crawl Read more
The term “Credenza” can be quite confusing. Some think it’s a desk, others think it’s a sideboard, and some others think it’s a Read more
Computer desk vs writing desk? Here is the short answer to your question: Writing desks, are usually used for writing, have an antique Read more
Choosing the right type of wood, whether you are willing to buy a wooden desk or make one with your own hands, is Read more
We will talk about : What To Look For When Buying A Kneeling Chair Do You Need a Backrest? The Adjustment Period TOP Read more

Office Electronics

Sitting all day is worse than smoking! Remaining in one position too long (even if it is ergonomically correct) can have a negative effect Read more
Not everyone out there is a keyboard enthusiast or even a gamer. Some people just want to get work done and do so Read more
Whether it’s for your school, home, or office, a laminator is a handy tool that will help preserve and protect all your important Read more
Depending on what kind of a mess you have under your keys, you are going to need to use one of the main Read more
Cleaning your computer is not only necessary for the device's performance but also for you. When a computer is not cleaned regularly, it Read more
Curved monitors have been slowly gaining popularity over the last few years, and with good reason: they can make your life much easier Read more


Find useful tools to increase your productivity and get more things done.

Many people complain that they can't find time to focus on their life goals or work on a new skill they're trying to Read more
Online business owners face a lot of challenges. One challenge is managing marketing and sales on top of everything else that needs to Read more
Personally, I don’t consider Trello and Notion competitors. For the simple reason that they have different missions and standouts. Trello is focused mainly Read more
The project management process can be overwhelming for startups: finances, email threads, bugs to fix, conversations with clients, endless management tasks to handle Read more
We all have dreams, we all want them to see the light, we all want to stay productive and have the best management Read more
I don’t know how on earth we start slouching! If we look at kids, their back shows a graceful ‘S’ curve and their Read more
In the real world, it's easy to close the door or put on some headphones. But blocking out distractions on a computer or Read more
Lighting, The Neglected Hero In order to get the ultimate outcomes of the team members, employers make sure to provide all the necessary Read more
From aches and pains to morning sickness, being pregnant isn’t always a pleasant experience. Especially if you are at the office and there Read more
Sitting is a bit of an art.Some people don’t know how to sit properly at a desk, thinking that going to the gym Read more
Why it’s fine to eat a salad at your desk and it isn’t when you work out?!Here are two facts:50% of U.S. adults Read more
Learning can be overwhelming, right? But not if you learn how to learn!In this article, I will show you how to study effectively Read more
Your brain is complex, but if you understand just a little bit of how it works, you can learn more easily, perform better Read more
There is nothing more refreshing and energizing than a clean and organized desk. When you keep your desk clean, you are focused, productive Read more

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