Why "Productive Desks"?

We spend most of our time sitting at our desks: Writing, drawing, preparing a presentation, planning, designing, or just thinking about when will we start doing the work that we have been delaying for the past few weeks!

Desks are where all the magic in the world happened. On those tables, ideas join reality, wonders and miracles see the light. Time spent while sitting at our desks is so precious. It can completely transform our lives.

What's in it?

In productivedesks.com, we focus on two main things:

  • How to set up and maintain the perfect workspace.
  • How to increase work productivity.

You will learn how to build the perfect workspace you need to capture ideas, harness creativity and be in a good shape. You will benefit from techniques scientifically proven, if done the right way, NO TASK will be left unchecked in your “to-do” list.

Founder of
Productive Desks

“Hi! My name is Mariam. When I was studying engineering, I was struggling to stay focused, I remember having a hard time doing all the activities on my “to do” list. As a result, I started reading about how to be more organized, how to improve concentration and how to perform better doing simple and tiny things. The journey is still going on and I’m still learning about it.

Today, I am passionate about getting the most from my brain and body. I am tracking my productivity daily testing what works and what doesn’t. I want to use my successes and my failures to help people lead a better life.