Standing Desk Converter Buying Guide [Everything You Need to Know]

Not everybody is ready to give up his or her desk for a full standing desk, and not everybody is fine with standing up every day while working. 

Some people just want to test what it feels like having a standing desk.

That’s fine because whatever your reason is, there is almost certainly a standing desk converter that can meet your requirements at a reasonable price. 

Standing desk converters have been a fantastic discovery for the office furniture industry.

10 Reasons Why You Should Get A Standing Desk Converter Soon

A dilemma we all face:

  • Fact number 1: You have to spend eight hours or more working at home or your office.
  • Fact number 2: Sitting all day is bad for your health.

So, what to do?

That’s where standing desk converters come in.

Standing desk converters are devices that rest on top of your desk. They raise your workstation up and down, giving you the option of sitting or standing.

Here are ten reasons why they are a must-have:

1. Because Your Health Matters

Experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for a while during the day. 

A combination of sitting, standing and walking would be the ultimate formula to stay healthy:

  • Avoid back pain and neck pain.
  • Increase energy and improve the mood.
  • Have a better circulation.

 A sit-stand desk converter with height adjustment will help you achieve this since most converters have the ability to quickly regulate the height.

2. They Are Less Pricey Than Most Full Standing Desks

Many people prefer having a standing desk converter because it almost offers the same output as full standing desks for less money.

If you have doubts about standing desks and you want to test them before buying one, you can get Levit8 for less than $40. 

It’s a simple and sturdy standing desk that customers really loved because it helped them make a convenient purchase later.

You can choose from a variety of stand to sit desks for less than $100 with a little more functionality.

Though, this doesn’t mean that standing desk converters can’t be expensive. High-quality products are around $300 to $400. But for an equal quality full standing desk, with the same functionality, you will be paying much more (+$600).

3. You Don’t Need to Get Rid of Your Existing Desk

Most people would like to be able to go with a standing desk option, but they are not willing to give up their desks.

Perhaps the desk you have, has a lot of drawers, perhaps it’s a gift given by a special someone, perhaps it was designed especially for your environment.

Whatever the reason is, you can choose from a variety of standing desk converters models while keeping your own desk.

4. They Can Improve Focus & Productivity

A Study launched by Leicester and Loughborough Universities, including 146 office workers for 12 months, proved that reducing sitting time boosts office staff’s work engagement and wellbeing.

Yes, standing boots brain power, improves focus, reduces pain and discomfort, and increases energy.

Therefore, if you want to improve your productivity, consider having a standing desk or take a break of 10 to 15 minutes walking around your office after one-hour sitting.

5. Shipped Fully Assembled 

After reviewing several standing desk converters, we’ve reasonably concluded that most of them arrive fully assembled. 

If not, the assembly generally requires ten minutes or less.

Therefore, it’s a great deal for people who are not big fans of mechanics, or businesses that don’t want to cope with a lot of installations.

Whereas full standing desks might take up to 60 minutes, and they demand special assembly tools.

6. You Can Get One with A Monitor Arm Built-In

Like a split keyboard, an adjustable desk or an ergonomic chair, monitor arms are an essential part of any ergonomic ecosystem.

Some standing desk converters come with a dual monitor arm built-in, saving you from the expensive addition and the tedious task of figuring out which monitor arm is best for you.

With a full standing desk, you need to purchase a monitor arm separately.

7. Most of Them Include A Keyboard Tray

Experts have come to conclude that keyboard trays (link to Amazon) are one of the ergonomic necessities to have in your workstation. 

Why? Because it helps ensure that your hands, forearms, and wrists are in the correct position.

If you use a single platform standing desk and you place your monitor and keyboard on the same level, one of them will be at the incorrect position.

Luckily, both dual platforms and dual platforms with monitor mount converters come with a built-in keyboard tray.

No extra costs for an ergonomic desk.

8. Portability

Not all standing desk converters are heavy and difficult to move. 

There are some small and lightweight ones, enough to move on and off your desk.

Not only they are convenient for laptop users, but they also serve as drafting or drawing tables. 

Therefore, if you are a laptop user and you don’t like to work in the same environment all the time, portable standing desk converters would be a good option for you.

standing desk converters models

9. A Wide Range Of Models

The market of stand-up desk converters is extending day by day. 

Manufacturers expose a variety of stunning desk designs daily on the market, creating a variety of desk converters’ categories: Z shaped base, X shaped base, floating arms, and many others. 

We will talk about them in detail, keep reading 🙂

All in all, with standing desk converters, you will absolutely find your style.

Choosing a standing desk converter can get you overwhelmed because of the many existing options in the market.
No worries! We’ve done the work for you: Check our selection of the best standing desk converters for all styles and budgets. You can be assured we only choose the best products.

10. You don’t have to stand everyday

You might be feeling some back pain or neck pain every once in a while, and you need to stand up for some time to alleviate the strain, or maybe you don’t like the idea of standing up every day, you just want to grab your standing desk out of the closet, and put it back once you complete your tasks.

If you don’t want to commit to a standing desk all the time, you can opt for a stand-up desk converter. Use it whenever you want, with less investment.

What To Look For When Selecting A New Standing Desk Converter?

Here are ten elements to consider when you’re about to buy a standing desk converter:

1.    Price

In comparison with full standing desks, stand-up desk converters have the perk of being less expensive. 

Prices range from $50 for basic options, up to $1,000+ for electronic converters.

Less expensive models like fixed height risers, or basic manual adjustments desks, will typically lack some of the functions of the more expensive ones like electronic converters.

Like most things, you get what you pay for, and standing desk converters aren’t any different.

2.    Height Range 

The height range is one of the most important elements to pay attention to when selecting your standing desk converter. 

You have to make sure that:

  • You’re not taller than the highest standing position of the desk.
  • The keyboard tray is low enough when sitting and high enough when standing.
  • The monitor can go high enough to reach a convenient viewing angle.

3.    Ease of Use 

Due to competition, manufacturers have introduced various desk’s transition technologies into the market. 

Their goal is to make the consumer feel comfortable when lifting or lowering the table with no physical effort needed.

Therefore, when deciding to buy your standing desk converter, take your time picking the one that will be easy for you to operate based on your preferences.

4.    Stability

Many costumers face stability issues after two or three months of their purchase; the platform starts wiggling, or the entire workstation starts wobbling.

You don’t want that. 

So, it’s important to find a product that is stable at all heights, to guarantee a functioning and comfortable working space.

standing desk converter buying guide

5.    Keyboard Space 

Having a keyboard tray is better than not having it. 

From an ergonomic point of view, your laptop or monitor should not be at the same level as your keyboard because it applies more pressure on your spinal cord.

Most standing desk converters come with a keyboard tray. Some desks offer the possibility of releasing it in case you don’t want to use it all the time.

6.    Task Space 

It’s an important part! 

You want to make sure that the task space on your standing desk converter is within the area that you can access without awkward bending or reaching.

If you like to bring different items with you to the standing height, in addition to your one or two monitors, then you have to select a stand-up desk converter with a spacious workspace.

7.    Build Quality 

This is the indicator that will show you whether your standing desk converter will last or not.

“Build quality” can be interpreted in terms of the technology and the quality of used components.

It’s not something to confuse with design and ergonomic because a product can be poorly designed but quality-built.

So, make sure to select a product constructed with reliable material and components.

8.    Ergonomics 

This factor is crucial because it has a direct impact on your productivity.

Being able to work in an ergonomic position is very important. 

That’s why the very first things to check when buying a standing desk converter are:

  • Distance from the monitor
  • Monitor viewing angle
  • Keyboard height
  • Task level

9.    Weight Capacity

The average load capacity of a new stand up desk converter is 29 lbs to 35 lbs, and overweight may lead to some issues.

The best thing to do is to list your office items based on your daily needs and estimate the total load weight.

Then pick the ultimate standing desk converter that can support it while keeping its smoothness when adjusting the height over and over again.

10.    Warranty

With such a wide variety of products available on the market, it’s important to know if the standing desk converter you’re considering has a quality guarantee or not.

  • The more extended the warranty coverage period, the better.
  • The more the product is complicated, the more the warranty is important.
  • The best warranties will be provided by the most reliable companies.

For example, Ergotron provides a warranty length of 5 years. They have been in business since 1982, and their product has been certified ANSI / BIFMA.

What Are Standing Desk Converter Categories?

Standing desk manufacturers have created a wide range of converter designs, which means there is a converter to suit almost anyone’s needs. Let’s discover them:

standing desk converter buying guide

. Z-lift 

Let me tell you why Z-lifts are the most popular standing desk converters in the market:

  • They are stable, perfect for programmers, writers, and people frequently typing.
  • Most of the time they don’t require assembly, you’ll stand right away.
  • They make sitting and standing transitions easy and quick.
  • Above all, they are less expensive than other existing types.

Is Z-Lift the best standing desk converter type? 

Probably! The most popular standing desk converters like Varidesk pro plus 36, Ergotron Workfit-T, and the IMovr Ziplift, are Z-lifts products.

. X-lift

Like a Z-lift, an X-lift converter type is named after its X shaped frame. 

It might be the second most popular type of stand-up desk converter on the market.

The advantage offered by this design is the straight up and down height adjustment. 

Thus, X-lift standing desk converters do better than Z-lift products, when it comes to space-saving.

They are less expensive but without a monitor arm or monitor post. So, when adding them separately to your desk setup, the total cost will increase.

For more stability, manufacturers introduced the double X-lift model.

. Electric 

Electric stand desk converters have known a significant price decrease lately. 

Just a couple of years ago, the least expensive electric converter would have run you more than $900, unlike nowadays, you can make the purchase as low as $300. 

So, this is truly a significant improvement in cost-engineering and volume economics.

Electric standup desk converters are a perfect solution for users with heavyweight load or people who don’t want or can’t adjust the height of their desks manually.

. Extension Arms 

Extension arms or hovers are by far the most flexible standing desk converter type around. 

They are used by those who need to share their screens with others or want to access their desktops quickly and easily.

No need for an extra arm monitor, hovers are designed to be ergonomically adjustable.

. Post and Base

The post and base systems are typically heavy plates base with a single column. 

They are more ergonomic since they come with an in-built monitor stand, so no additional expenses. They are quiet to adjust; you don’t have to worry about the noise.

The only issue is that they might have stability problems because of their design.

. Risers 

This category of converters is recommended for those who are still confused about switching to standing desks.

Desk risers are the least adjustable desks because going from the sitting position to the standing position can be tactless.

How to Create an Ergonomic Workspace Using A Standing Desk Converter?

If you spend most of the day in your office, then it has to be your happy place, a place distinguished by inspiration and comfort.

Therefore, setting up the perfect ergonomic work area, whether at home or your office, is a necessity.

We’ve done our research and come up with these ergonomic instructions that you can follow when using your standing desk converter:

. Viewing angle 

You spend most of your time looking at the top-left section of your screen, so it’s better to set your monitor at a height where your eyes are in the top 1/3 or ¼ of it.

This technique will allow you to comfortably view your screen; reducing eye strain and preventing tilting your head up or down.

. Distance from Monitor 

If you put your monitor too close, you might end up having neck or eye strain. 

Therefore, placing it 20 to 30 inches away is described as a good position, according to ergonomists.

standing desk converter ergonomics

. Keyboard Height

Since the keyboard is an essential element of every desk setup, we have to know how to use it ergonomically.

Your shoulders should stay relaxed while working. 

So, the best keyboard position would be at your elbow height. 

You don’t want to cause wrist strain by bending them upward, you want to keep them in a neutral position.

. Reach Zones

When it comes to our workspace, we all have different styles, different needs, and different tasks to accomplish in the course of a typical workday. 

But turning awkwardly, overreaching, or losing time looking for objects are clear signs that your workspace isn’t ergonomic at all.

The best attitude would be to arrange your workspace by dividing it into reach zones. 

You can check here how to design your workstation according to your needs.


How Can I Make My Workspace More Ergonomic ?

In addition to the instructions listed above, here are some additional practices you can adopt to save yourself from serious health issues.

  • Choose the right chair: 

Even if you have the best standing desk in the world, if you don’t have the right chair, it’s hard to talk about ergonomics

Most of the time we perform tasks while sitting, that’s why 50% of people, using poorly designed chairs, suffer from some form of back pain.

So, make sure to maintain a slight 90° to 120° bend in your arms and knees when sitting. Also, don’t forget to adopt a straight back position, supported by the chair.

  • Use glasses:

The blue light coming from the different electronic devices surrounding you causes eye fatigue, and sometimes worse, blindness!

So, if you spend long hours in front of your monitor, it’s better to use computer glasses.

  • Select the right keyboard and mouse:

It’s always a good idea to have a keyboard because it helps you maintain the optimal distance from your screen, and keep your hands and wrists in a comfortable state.

If you get an ergonomic keyboard with split design, it will open up your shoulders and put your arms and wrists in a more neutral position when typing. 

Computer mice come in different sizes and shapes. 

How Long Should I Stand at My Standing Desk?

Standing for long periods can cause you problems like leg cramps and back pain.

A study was conducted on a group of 14 men and 12 women. 

They were asked to perform a number of tasks while standing for five hours. 

They were allowed to five minutes of rest breaks and one half-hour lunch break. The results were shocking. 

Regardless of age or gender, all the individuals experienced fatigue at the end of the workday, and it continued even after the end of the experience.

So, as an answer to the question, experts say that the best thing to do is to stand at least 20 minutes per hour to get health benefits.

You can learn more about it in detail here.

What’s the Best Standing Desk Converter?

In front of the vast variety of products on this market, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when having to choose one.

But no worries! We’ve reviewed 15 standing desk converters. For each product, we’ve listed technical details, pros and cons, and the price range.

All you have to do is pick your favorite standing desk converter.

Quick Summary

Standing Desk Converters Buying Guide

10 reasons to have a standing desk converter:

  1. Because your health matters
  2. They are less pricey than most full standing desks
  3. You don’t need to get rid of your existing desk
  4. They can improve focus and productivity
  5. They Shipped fully assembled
  6. You can get one with a monitor arm built-in
  7. Most of them include a keyboard tray
  8. Portability
  9. A wide range of models
  10. You don’t have to stand everyday

10 checkpoints before buying one:

  1. Price
  2. Height range 
  3. Ease of use 
  4. Stability
  5. Keyboard Space 
  6. Task Space 
  7. Build Quality 
  8. Ergonomics 
  9. Weight capacity
  10. Warranty  

6 standing desk converter categories:

  1. Z-lift (our favorite)
  2. X-lift
  3. Electric 
  4. Extension Arm 
  5. Post and Base
  6. Desk Risers 

7 Instructions for proper ergonomics:

  1. Get the monitor to your Viewing angle level
  2. Keep at least 20 inches distance from Monitor
  3. Keyboard Height
  4. Determine your Reach Zones
  5. Choose the right chair
  6. Use Computer glasses
  7. Select the right keyboard and mouse


Full standing desks and sit to stand converters are two great additions in the office furniture market.

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

If it’s your first experience with standing while working, we recommend that you get a standup desk converter.

If not, you can choose between the two options based on your preferences, your environment, and of course your budget.

Do you think full standing desks are better than sit to stand converters?

Leave us a comment, let us know what you think.