how to sit comfortably at a desk when pregnant

How To Sit Comfortably At A Desk When Pregnant

From aches and pains to morning sickness, being pregnant isn’t always a pleasant experience. Especially if you are at the office and there is no chance of napping.

The huge physical changes that occur during pregnancy can make normally simple tasks like sitting down at a desk and standing up surprisingly challenging.

So, how can a pregnant lady sit comfortably at a desk?

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Why It’s Important to Sit Properly During Pregnancy?

  1. Incorrect posture causes pain for normal people. So, you can imagine the strain it can generate to a pregnant lady.
  2. Your posture during pregnancy affects the position of your baby in your uterus.
  3. Pregnancy is the time where the load that your spine carries increases with time.
  4. During the final months of pregnancy, your immune system starts to weaken, that’s why you feel discomfort most of the time. So, you don’t want to make it worst with a poor sitting posture.

The goal here to achieve alignment of the spine despite the daily increasing load caused by the baby growing inside your belly.

How to Sit Comfortably at A Desk When Pregnant - Checklist

Checklist how to sit properly at a desk when pregnant

Create a More Comfortable Workspace During Pregnancy

You can make your work environment less stressful and more comfortable if you use these items:

  • An Ergonomic Office Chair

You need a straight-backed chair with good lumbar support and proper back tension.

As time goes on, you will gain more pregnancy weight.

Therefore, to make sitting and standing up as easy as possible on your back and shoulders, you need a good adjustable, reclining task chair. 

For long hours of work, you need to sit on a chair that provides maximum comfort to you and your baby.

  • Pregnancy pillows / backrests

If your existing chair doesn’t include lumbar support, you can make your own. Add a small cushion, a soft pillow or a small rolled-up towel to the lower back of the chair, the curve of your spine, and you’ll have additional lumbar support. Like this Lumbar Support Pillow from Amazon.

  • Footrest or stool

Pregnancy affects your blood pressure, especially your extremities (hands and feet). Leaving your feet dangling from your office chair can lead to constant pressure under your thighs, affecting your blood circulation and possibly causing you muscle soreness.

If your chair is height adjustable, make sure to find the right height to put both your feet evenly on the floor. If not, put a footrest under your desk to elevate them and improve your blood flow.

You can use a box, wastebasket, or another sturdy object as a footrest.

Don’t forget to ask your supervisor if there are any footrests available, you can be lucky.

  • Balance ball

During the third trimester of pregnancy, sitting on the couch, a chair, or any flat surface can be uncomfortable.

Therefore, you can use a Yoga ball (link to Amazon) as an office chair if possible. Its curve relieves pressure in your pelvis, lower back, and spine.

Sitting on the ball in an upright position can also encourage the opening of your pelvic muscles, allowing room for the baby to descend into the pelvis in preparation for birth.

Working During Pregnancy:
Do's & Don'ts

  • Empty your bladder at least every two hours

As the baby grows inside of you, more pressure is applied to your bladder. So, you’ll want to pee more often. Plan to pee every hour or so, whether you need to or not.

  • Do simple foot exercises

Simple exercises can improve your blood circulation and avoid cramps.

Leave the office, get up, and walk around for a few minutes at regular intervals.

  • Keep your files within reach

Arrange your work space so that you don’t have to bend or stretch many times during the day.

In this article, we show you how to keep your desk clean all year long.

  • Keep cool

Naturally, pregnancy will raise your body temperature.

Find ways to refresh yourself. For example, you can buy a little battery-operated fan (link to Amazon) that can attach to your desk to keep you cooler.

  • Ask your coworkers to help

Most of your coworkers will be pleased to offer help, so don’t be shy about asking for help whenever you need it.

  • Don’t work when you are tired

The more effort you put into work, the less time you have for your personal activities. Rest whenever you can.

  • Avoid sitting for long or in the same position

Remember to adjust and change your position regularly.

Avoid sitting at your desk in the same position for more than 30 minutes.

Sit only for short periods of time, like 10 to 15 minutes.

  • Don’t sit on a chair without a backrest

Having a good ergonomic chair with lumbar support and backrest can save you from a load of lower back pain.

  • Avoid bending or leaning forward and stop slouching

Bending and leaning forward will add pressure on your abdomen, which will lead to breathing difficulties as the baby is growing inside of you.

Besides, several studies proved how harmful it is to slouch when sitting, not only at your desk but wherever you sit. It can cause heartburn, incontinence, and more.

  • Don’t twist at the waist while sitting

Do you need to turn around? Turn your entire body or rotate your chair slowly.

  • Avoid crossing your legs while sitting

Crossing your legs may lead to several consequences:

  1. Improper balance while sitting
  2. Bad Blood circulation
  3. Swelling of the ankles
  4. Varicose veins
Dress comfortably when pregnant
  • Dress Comfortably at work

Learning how to dress professionally but comfortably during pregnancy makes all the difference in staying comfortable at work.

  • Tight clothes, not only make you feel uncomfortable, but they can also be a health risk for a pregnant lady during the later stages of pregnancy. Wearing them can be dangerous, especially when you sit down, as they cause a decrease in the blood flow. Avoid wearing loose, elastic clothing that stretches.
  • Sweating one minute and chilly the next, when you’re pregnant your body temperature can fluctuate tremendously. That’s why you’ll want to have a layer for every possible condition.
  • Don’t even think of wearing high heels these next nine months.

Pregnant Lady, Stand Up Correctly Please

When holding 25 to 35 pounds extra weight inside of you, standing up is as essential as sitting up.

Here is a checklist of the main things to do when standing up during pregnancy:

  • Your head should be up straight with your chin, not tilted
  • Keep your chest forward
  • Keep your shoulders blades pulled back
  • Keep your knees straight
  • Pull your stomach in and up
  • Keep your buttocks tucked in
  • Your feet in the same direction with your weight

Final Thoughts - How to Sit Comfortably at A Desk When Pregnant

Proper posture, in which you hold your body while standing, sitting, or lying down during pregnancy, involves training your body to find the positions where the least amount of strain is placed on your back.

Having bad posture may not only lead to pain and discomfort but may also cause harm to your baby.

Therefore, follow the steps described to maintain good posture and proper body movements during pregnancy.

  • Your ears should be aligned with your shoulders and hips
  • Your shoulders should be pulled back and neutral
  • Rest your elbows and arms on your chair or desk, keeping your shoulders relaxed
  • Your back should be straight
  • Sit with back support at the curve of your back
  • Your hips and knees should form a 90° angle
  • Your pelvis should be slightly leaning forward
  • Your buttocks should touch the back of the chair
  • Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips
  • Put both feet evenly on the floor