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10 Best Under Desk Ellipticals And Bikes 2022 [Quality Picks]

Are you fed up with sitting all day in a chair? Are you looking for ways to stay active, and work at the same time?

In our society, the norm is being seated for the majority of our day. At work, at home, at school, in the car. Being active isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

Nowadays, many solutions are created throughout time to help solve this problem. And today, we will provide you some of these solutions. 

We will present you the best under desk ellipticals and bikes that will allow you to stay active all day even if you are the busiest person on earth.

According to a scientific study, people who exercise before or during work are happier, endure less stress, and are more productive.

So, let’s dive in.




Cubii Pro
Bluetooth Connectivity
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Cubii Jr.
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Stamina InMotion E1000
Sit and Stand Up
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DeskCycle 2
Best Pedal Exerciser For Low Desks
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Sunny Health & Fitness
Small Size+Handle
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Lowest Pedal Height
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Chair Hook+14 Intensities
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Vaunn Medical
Folding Pedal
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Platinum Fitness
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The Difference Between Under Desk Ellipticals And Under Desk Bikes Or Cycles:

Under-desk ellipticals and under-desk bikes share common features like weight, size, and height.

When it comes to function and outcome, they both give the same exercising results.

The only major difference between under desk bikes and under-desk ellipticals is the motion pattern.

When using an under-desk bike, you’ll be making an up and down circular motion, whereas, with an under-desk elliptical, you’ll be making an elliptical pedaling motion.

Ellipticals may be a better choice for people with large feet as they provide larger pedals, hence more clearance for the legs.

The bottom line is that both options are Low impact workouts suitable to do in your office environment or at home, and both offer the same calorie-burning benefits.

>>> Being active in the office doesn’t always require money. Take a look at these simple exercises that you can do at your desk, without using any equipment! 

10 Best Under Desk Ellipticals And Bikes -Reviews

The great feature about Cubii Pro is that you can track your progress directly on your phone.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, this elliptical synchronizes steps, distance, and calories burnt with your iPhone and Android cellphone. You can also compete with members of the Cubii community or friends you have, whether in the office with you or elsewhere.

Its ultra-smooth gearing design is optimized only for seated use.

Cubii Pro – Seated Under-Desk Elliptical – Get Fit While You Sit – Bluetooth Enabled, Sync with Fitbit and Apple HealthKit – Whisper-Quiet – Adjustable Resistance – Easy to Assemble

What makes it great for an under-desk trainer is that it’s compact and quiet. It weighs 27 pounds and won’t disturb your focus while working.

Most reviews paint this product as reliable and less noisy. Customers like the simplicity of use, they stated that it started quickly to become a part of their daily routine.


  • Dimensions: 22.83 x 17.22 x 9.84 inches
  • Weight: 27 pounds
  • Available colors: Black
  • Bluetooth connectivity, 8 resistance levels, Textured pedals
8 resistance levels
Ergonomic design
Bluetooth tracking
Whisper quiet
Great for a corporate job
Textured pedals
It’s a bit heavy It can be pricey for some people

If you are not interested in the Bluetooth connectivity of Cubii Pro, then Cubi Jr is a great option.

It’s suitable for home and office, helps in strengthening muscles, and improves blood circulation.

The built-in display monitor allows you to track your workout in real-time. It records calories burned, RPM, strides, time, and distance.

And of course, you can control the intensity of the exercise by selecting a resistance level from the eight given by the machine.

Cubii Jr. – Seated Under-Desk Elliptical – Get Fit While You Sit – Built-in Display Monitor – Whisper-Quiet – Adjustable Resistance – Easy to Assemble

This product not only is compact and sits low to the ground (about 10 inches), but it’s also silent. As you pedal, you won’t hear any squeaky noises or clicks.

The assembly will take 3 to 4 minutes. The equipment is easy to set up and to move around as it has a handle in the middle.

Most users find this product to be convenient and able to offer comfort. The company is also very responsive; some customers received defective units, and after contacting customer service they were replaced immediately.

We can say that the only flipside is the absence of Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Dimensions: 23.15 x 17.54 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 27.5 pounds
  • Available colors: Royal Blue
  • 8 resistance levels, LCD monitor, Textured pedals
Easy to set up
Great Customer service
8 resistance levels
Ergonomic design
Whisper quiet
Textured pedals
It lacks Bluetooth connectivity
It might be heavy for some users

Stamina will increase your stamina.

If you have a stand-up desk or you don’t like these mini ellipticals because you think you can only exercise while sitting, Stamina is for you.

This under-desk trainer was designed to be used in the seated and standing position.

So, no excuses for not being active all day!

Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider

It has a small monitor that displays your progress. With a scan function, you can track your workout data like the number of strides per minute, total strides, exercise time, and calories burned.

Even more, with a simple turn of the knob, you can easily toggle the mechanical variable resistance and adjust the workout intensity.

The pedals have a textured surface to increase safety. You can pedal as hard, and as fast as you want, your feet won’t slip out.

You will find this trainer compact; it will be easy to use and store.

The robust steel construction boosts its longevity, and the assembly is very easy and quick.

Reviews by other users show how reliable this product is. They liked the fact that it was easy to put it together and that it fits perfectly under their desks. However, some of them found it noisy.

Compared to Cubi elliptical, Stamina is more affordable.

The following video shows how you can do the assembly of Stamina e1000.


  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 17 x 11.4 inches
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • User weight limit: 250 pounds
  • Available colors: Green, Orange and Silver
  • Footprint: 20 x 12 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year for the frame; 90 days for the parts
  • LCD display, A knob to adjust the workout intensity
It can be used while sitting or standing
Multi-function monitor
Textured pedals
Sturdy steel construction
Adjustable tension dial
It doesn’t have a handle
It can get noisy

Desk Cycle-2 is an upgrade of the previous bestseller version of the product, Desk Cycle (link to Amazon).

It’s as good as the first version but with additional features.

First one: The front leg on the DeskCycle-2 is adjustable. You can set the maximum pedal height to 10 inches or drop it down to 9 inches, to give you more desk clearance. This pedal motion trainer works with low desks, as low as 27 inches.

DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Cycle,Pedal Exerciser – Stationary Mini Exercise Bike -Office, Home Equipment – Adjustable Legs

Second one: The display! Not only it’s larger than the previous one and includes RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), but it can also keep track of your progress data for up to 160 hours (that’s like 7 days). The company provides a separate display stand that you can place anywhere on your desk and follow your progress.

Desk Cycle has 8 calibrated resistance settings, which means it provides 8 different workout intensities from very easy to challenging.

It’s easy to assemble and quiet.

This product has some great reviews that highlight its efficiency, quietness, and convenience. However, it could be relatively costly for some.

If you want to track your progress in detail, you can create a free Desk Cycle account using this link or by downloading their app. You can log in and view your results with the Progress Viewer, either daily, weekly, monthly, or even from the first day.


  • Dimensions : 24 x 20 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on all parts
  • 2 Displays (one is fixed and the other one can be put on the desk), knob to change the workout intensity
It keeps track of 160 hours progress
8 Magnetic Resistance Levels
Low pedal height
Display Stand for the desk
Adjustable front leg
It includes RPM
Easy to put together
It pushes rolling desk chairs
Some of buyers found it noisy

Sunny Health and Fitness has been in the fitness market for over 15 years.

Their product, Sunny Health, is a mini magnetic stationary bike with a compact portable design for legs and arm use. This means it will work well for both your feet or hands, safely and with stability.

You can adjust the tension of the workout by turning the resistance knob. 

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike with Digital Monitor and 8 Level Resistance

Just like the previous under-desk ellipticals and bikes, Sunny Health has 8 levels of magnetic resistance.

It comes with an easy to read LCD that displays time, speed, distance, and calories.

You will appreciate how portable this product is, especially that it has a handle, and it’s not very heavy.

Make sure to measure the height of your desk to see if your knees will hit the bottom of your desk while pedaling.

Most users consider it a wise investment. Its ease of assembly and quietness are quite appealing. However, it could be inconvenient for you to have to remove the batteries to save them as it has not an on/off switch for the LED display.


  • Dimensions: 22 L x 18 W x 14.75 H inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Maximum user weight: 220 pounds
  • Warranty: One-year warranty for the frame, and 90 days for the parts
  • Digital monitor, pedals are the handles
Portable (it has a handle)
Safety pedal straps that work well with both feet and hands
It has a digital monitor
It supports weight up to 220 pounds
Workout intensities aren’t enough for some people
It might slide on the floor

This under-desk elliptical has probably the lowest pedal rotation height (8 inches), it works with desks as low as 25 inches. So, no need to worry about your knees hitting the bottom of the desk.

FitDesk will also save you time reaching your under-desk area to manually adjust the workout tension.

It has a hand-free adjustment, you can shift it with your feet only, and keep an eye on your progress, shown on the desk stand that comes with the elliptical.

It has a digital meter, and it includes 8 magnetic resistance positions you can choose from.

FitDesk is easy to set up; it comes with the tools needed to assemble it.

Reviews indicate how excellent and reliable this machine is. It comes with a topnotch build and is fairly quiet.

However, if you are serious about losing weight using an elliptical, you might find the workout intensities not enough, unless it’s for the elderly, children or physical therapy purposes.


  • Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds
  • Available color: White
  • Warranty: 1-year for the frame; 90 days for the parts
  • Desk display, foot switch
Hands-free adjustment
Low pedal height
Desk stand to track progress
Easy to assemble
The resistance levels might seem negligible for some people.
It’s Heavy

Most under-desk ellipticals and bikes slide on the floor or push the chair away from the desk when in use, but not Exerpeutic 900E. This manufacturer was smart to include a chair hook in the design of his mini trainer. It’s perhaps the only under-desk bike with a “Roll-on and lock” feature on the market.

The lowest pedal height is 10 inches. Therefore, it will suit most of the desks.  

EXERPEUTIC 900E Bluetooth Under Desk All User Height

Unlike the previous under-desk ellipticals and bikes we’ve mentioned above, this one has 14 levels of magnetic tension resistance.

Which means you have more control over your workout intensity.

If you are serious about tracking your progress, you can view all your workout data using the free “My Cloud Fitness” app available on iOS and Android, and connect it via Bluetooth with the bike.

Considering the fact that it’s not heavy and it has a handle, you can extend its use from your office to your living room while watching tv or just sitting on the sofa.

People recommend this product for the many features it provides, especially the chair hook. Many customers suffered previously from sliding under-desk trainers while in use.

Besides, it is quite portable and not noisy.

Overall, Exerpeutic 900E is a great purchase for the money: sturdy, smart, easy to use, and has a low pedal height.


  • Dimensions: 25 x 16.5 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Chair hook, handle, 14 levels of magnetic resistance
14 levels of workout intensity
Broad, stable base
It has a handle
It has a chair Hook
Low pedal height: 10 inches
Some customers couldn’t connect the bike with their phone application.

If you are looking for a mini trainer that you can use at home, in the office or even while traveling, Vaunn Medical Pedal is the one for you.

It was conventionally designed for people in need of physical therapy, and now it’s more than a physio-equipment.

Vaunn Medical Pedal’s popularity came from the fact that it’s lightweight, compact, easy to store, and most importantly folds in seconds.

Vaunn Medical Folding Pedal Exerciser with Electronic Display for Legs and Arms Workout (Fully Assembled Exercise Peddler, no Tools Required)

It has an LCD monitor that displays exercise time, revolution count, revolution per minute, and calories burned. You can adjust the workout intensity by turning the knob at the top.

This product is not only safe but also stable. It comes with non-skid ribbed rubber to enhance traction and is shipped fully assembled.

Most users of this product are elderly people or people going through physical therapy. They valued the ease of use and portability. The price is also very competitive.

The only flip side is that after replacing the batteries, the LCD may not work as before.


  • Dimensions :2 L x 11.2 W x 6.8 H inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Available Color: Black
  • A knob for resistance, an LCD display
It has a quick-release folding mechanism
Lightweight, portable
It has a knob to adjust the workout intensity
It has an LCD monitor to track progress
The battery can be a bit difficult to install and if replaced the LCD display might not work as before.

Whether you want to do a leg exercise or an arm exercise, just grab Yosuda from its handle and start the training. 

You can adjust the intensity of your workout by turning the knob to choose a level from the 8 resistance levels (low -1- to high -8-).

While cycling, you can track your progress on the LCD display. It shows you time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

YOSUDA Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser – Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike for Arm/Leg Exercise, Desk Pedal Bike for Home/Office Workout

Assembly can be completed within 10 minutes, the manufacturer provides all the tools needed, and the instructions are easy to follow. Don’t worry about using it in a coworking space because it has a smooth, quiet pedal motion.

Not only for office workers, but Yosuda is a good choice for the elderly, children and people who want to lose weight.

Whereas many people consider this bike trainer as comfortable, convenient, and reliable, it tends to be relatively pricey for some.


  • Dimensions : 21.26 x 12.28 x 14.37 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Available Color: Black
  • A handle, A digital LCD,
8 Levels resistances
Compact design
Portable, it has a handle
For legs and arms training
Anti-slip pads
It’s a bit pricey compared to similar products.

The Platinum fitness trainer is the best under desk bike for staying active while seated.

It comes with a 5-function LCD, and its “CoolRev” technology prevents dangerous overheating.

It folds in a short time, making it easy to store and to travel with.

The traps have various size options that can be adjusted according to the user.

Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser Leg Machine with Electronic Display

Platinum fitness trainer is reliable for people with small feet and those who want light movement. Its frames are relatively sturdy.

Reviews indicate how easy and fast it is to ship this product. However, some buyers were disappointed with how small and light it could be.

Overall, it’s a great option for staying active while seated.


  • Dimensions : 15 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Available Colors: Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Orange.
  • LCD display
Easy to fold
5 LCD functions
5 available colors
It’s lightweight for heavy use
It can get hot

Buying Guide-How to Choose the Best Under-Desk Elliptical or Bike?

There are some important features to consider when purchasing an under-desk elliptical or an under-desk bike.

We understand that choosing the accurate one can be overwhelming, especially when facing a large variety of good options in the market.

No worries, this buying guide will help you form the exact image of your future under desk trainer.

By the time you’re done, there will be no doubt which is the one for you.

… Weight and Portability

This factor isn’t a priority for all customers, but if you plan on carrying your under-desk elliptical or bike with you frequently, you might want to consider it.

For example, you might want to exercise during the day in the office and bringing it back home to use it while sitting on your sofa in front of the TV.

Or maybe, you want to travel and you don’t want to suspend your exercising routine.

A good under-desk elliptical should not be heavy to move, but it also shouldn’t be too light as it has to support the weight of the user.

No worries! Most of the under-desk ellipticals and bikes we’ve chosen have handles and are compact. Their weight ranges from 15 to 25 pounds, it will be easy for you to carry them around.  

… Durability

If you’re planning to use the under desk elliptical or bike daily, then you should opt for a machine that will be able to hold up to frequent use.

Just remember that when the quality is good, the price tends to move up, which is the case for most products.

… Pedals

Pedals will be your frequent contact point with the mini desk elliptical. Therefore, it’s very important that they fit your feet perfectly.

You don’t want them to be slipping around or slipping off the machine, it isn’t comfortable and it can lead to injury.

That’s why you should consider their size and their shape, also their ability to go forward and reverse.

Make sure to go for large pedals that can comfortably hold your feet with a surface that will prevent them from slipping off.

… Sturdiness

No one wants a product that will break down after a few months of use, or will start to wobble whenever you put your feet on it.

For that reason, make sure to take a look at the materials used in the construction of the product and see if they will ensure sturdiness and durability.  

… Performance

When we talk about performance, we point out various aspects like the mechanism, the features, and additional options.

For an under-desk elliptical or an under-desk bike, it’s essential that it has a smooth pedal motion and that it can be adjusted in angle and height.

If you don’t like to exercise only while sitting, consider buying an under-desk elliptical or bike that you can use in both sitting and standing positions.   

… Price 

Have you determined the budget of the mini under desk elliptical you want to buy? How much are you willing to spend?

After doing research, we’ve found that prices range approximately from $35 to $350.

Generally speaking, the more the elliptical or the bike has more functionalities, the more the price tends to be higher.

… Noise

The noise of an under-desk bike or elliptical should be little to none, especially if you share the office with your colleagues.

It might be okay with them but you may find yourself annoyed constantly by the noise, which will cause you a distraction and you’ll find yourself avoiding using it in the future.

… Stability

In some cases, your chair might start moving away from the desk while you work out.

For this reason, look out for a stable and safe to use trainers. They often include non-slip mats and wheel-stoppers.

… Height

As it will be an under-desk equipment, it’s very important to know exactly how tall your desk is and how tall you are. It will save you from a lot of future surprises after the purchase.

Most of the products on the market are going to list the lowest desk height they’re compatible with, along with the height of the user.

… Extra Features

In addition to the basics, your under-desk elliptical or bike might include some other functionalities.

For example, Cubii Pro has a Bluetooth connectivity option that enables you to synchronize your workout data with your phone.

What’s the Best Under Desk Elliptical or Bike?

Now that you’ve made it until here, you have enough information to make a choice, but let us give further directions.

Before deciding on which under desk trainer you want to go with, make sure to define exactly the features you need, and the problems you want to avoid. For example:

  • If you are worried about the height of your under-desk elliptical or bike and that your knees might hit the bottom of your desk, we recommend that you go for DeskCycle-2 or FitDesk.
  • If you need a mini elliptical or bike that you can carry to your office or a folding one you can take with you in your travels, you can opt for Vaunn Medical Pedal or Platinum Fitness.
  • If your goal is to lose weight, or you want to make this trainer part of your training program, there isn’t a much better option than Cubii Pro or DeskCycle. You can track your progress daily; know exactly how much calories you’ve burned, how much distance you’ve done, compare how you’ve performed in different periods and other options that will motivate you to exercise even more.
  • If you want to have more control over the workout intensity and push yourself harder to burn more calories, you can choose Exerpeutic 900E. It has 14 levels of magnetic resistance; you can select a low one and switch gradually to a more advanced level.
  • If you are going through a rehabilitating therapy and you need to spend more time doing physical activities (legs or arms), we recommend Vaunn Medical Pedal. Most of the buyers were people dealing with health issues or the elderly.
  • If you want to use your mini elliptical in your office environment and your worries are focused on whether it will cause noise and disturbance for your coworkers, don’t worry. DeskCycle and Cubii Jr are known to be very quiet machines.

One thing not to worry about is the assembly. All the products mentioned in our selection require minutes to assemble, they are easy to put together.


  • Most of the Health professionals advise being active at least 5 minutes after 30 minutes of work. Therefore, an under-desk elliptical or bike will help you stay fit and active.
  • Ellipticals and bikes will increase your blood circulation quality. Proper blood circulation helps to oxygenate our blood and circulate it properly through the full body.
  • Sitting all day at the desk leads to inactivate your physical movement and body sweat out at a very tiny amount. That is not good for health. A sufficient amount of sweat helps to drain out the toxins from our body easily.
  • Pedaling will make you active and alert. Therefore, it will improve your mood, increase your focus, reduce your stress, and enhance your productivity.
  • The daily movement will lower the risk of obesity, heart problems, hypertension, and other health issues.

Without a doubt.

In comparison with other weight loss exercise tools like under desk treadmills (link), under desk peddlers are a great value.

Mini elliptical trainers represent the next wave of advancement in low-impact cardiovascular exercise machines and continue to grow in popularity. Because:

  • Their price is affordable.
  • They save time, no need to go to the gym like before.
  • They are accessible, and easily can be part of your daily routine.
  • They are compatible for all ages and fitness levels and allow you to select the difficulty level through the incline and intensity settings.

The short answer is: it depends.

As we explained before, the main difference between under-desk ellipticals and under desk bikes is the nature of pedal motion.

So, they might work differently but they give similar exercising results, and they share similar features.

You can rely on the following criteria to choose between both:

  • The under-desk bike may not give you the leg clearance you need if you have long legs or a low desk. The up and down circular motion may cause your knees to touch the bottom of the desk.
  • The under-desk bike option may be best for you if you like to increase the resistance more often and challenge yourself, as increasing the tension on an elliptical may result in your feet sliding off the platforms. Make sure to choose a trainer that can support weight and stay in place as you exercise.

Set the mini bike on the ground under your desk or in front of the couch and begin pedaling. For the best possible experience, take a look at the following instructions, they are very helpful:

  • Start slowly so your muscles get used to the motion. Your first workout should be short, in order to see how your body responds.
  • Pedal downward to keep the bike from slipping.
  • Because you need to cycle and focus on your work at the same time, it’s important that you train yourself to keep your upper body still as you pedal.
  • Make sure your back is supported. You can use the back of the chair or a lumbar cushion.

Here are a few suggestions that some users have found quite helpful:

  • Put it up against the wall or a heavier piece of furniture
  • Use a chair hook (like the one on Exerpeutic 900E)
  • Correct your pedaling form, know where to apply hard pressure
  • Use a Velcro strap (link to Amazon) to anchor the bike to your chair 
  • Go for heavy equipment because it gives more stability
  • Try a tether to attach the desk cycle to your chair so they don’t slip apart from one another.

If you have additional tips for that, we will be pleased to hear them from you in the comment section below.

Time To Decide - Your Best Under Desk Elliptical

Under desk ellipticals and bikes are becoming a necessity to beat the sedentary lifestyle and live an active life. Treadmills are also a great way to achieve that, we invite you to check our selection of the Best Under Desk Treadmills. You will love it.

Now that you’ve read pretty much everything you need to know about these mini trainers, through our buying guide and our selection of the best existing products on the market, we hope that you’ve made your decision.

We would love to hear from you, comment in the section below and tell us which elliptical or bike you like the most.

Once again, we thank you for visiting us, and we’ll see you again soon!