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Top 20 Stress Relief Gadgets For Adults, Fidgets, Toys And More

Chewing your pen, twirling your hair, playing with your necklace, taking your ring off and putting it back repeatedly, moving your legs quickly, are all signs of you trying to find focus, or simply stressed and trying to release your stress.

We have all experienced stress in our daily lives. Our frenetic modern world is constantly demanding, pushing us to change and adapt to new situations.

Nowadays, learning how to manage stress is essential in order to live a well-balanced life, especially at work. To help you release your stress, we’ve gathered these 20 stress relief tools:

we also answer two important questions:

Fidgets Toys

Designed for restless hands people, this fidget toy features 6 different unique sides. You can click, glide, flip, breathe, roll, and spin.To stimulate different senses, this tool includes buttons, discs, balls and cogs, switches, joysticks, and dents.Available in 8 colors, and comes with accessories such as the ZURU Fidget Prism to fidget on the go.

Different than the Antsy Labs, this one is a foldable plastic cube composed of eight small cubes. Each cube can be rotated from any direction and angle. You can hold it in one hand and make it any shape you want.

Note: It can make some sounds. Also, people with small hands might find it hard to manipulate with one hand.

This toy is made of 222 miniature magnetic balls. You can manipulate them to create any shape you can think of. A great way to let go of all your fears and stress, expand your imagination, and rest your brain.

Caution: keep away from children (+14 years old).
This fidget desk toy is composed of three little metal devices visually demonstrating the gravity on Earth, Mars, and the Moon.You can keep it in your pocket, or on your desk. Once you feel stressed or bored, bring it up, spin it, roll it, slide it, or click it.To make it more fun, you can balance them all together in a decorative way on your desktop.

This low-cost fidget toy is a package composed of 8 mesh-and-marble fidget toys. Each one of them is approximately 3.5 inches long, each with one marble inside. Few ways to fidget with it: scrunch up the sleeve to allow the marble to freely move, you can roll the marble or squeeze it while moving it back and forth, or apply pressure on it.

Spinners have become a popular pocket-friendly tool around the world. Not only it helps you distress but also improves your focus and attention.

Figrol spinner comes with a light mode and is available in crystal, red, blue, and green.

If you want a simpler spinner, without any light, you can go for this one.

This game is one of the work-desk toys that you just can’t miss. Trying to solve it can release a significant amount of stress at work. You can even try to spice it up a little, invite a co-worker to compete with you, and make it more fun.It’s 2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches, and its smoothness can be adjusted to the extent you want.If you want to try different shapes, you can choose this 5 items pack. It includes:
  • 1 x Speed Cube 2×2
  • 1 x Speed Cube 3×3
  • 1 x Pyraminx Cube
  • 1 x Megaminx
  • 1 x Mirror Cube
  • 1 x Pyraminx Cube

If you get bored quickly or want to diversify toys while getting rid of your stress, this stress-relief set will be a good pick for you. You get:

  • 6 stretchy strings
  • 6 spiky balls
  • 3 mesh squeeze balls
  • 3 marble and mesh
  • 2 flip chains
  • 1 liquid motion timer
  • 1 peek a boo squeeze beans
  • 1 snap and click snake
  • 1 basketball stress ball
  • 1 magic cube
ivy health tracker for women

Ivy is a wellness tracker and a beauty product. It combines fashion with function to help you raise your well-being.

On one hand, it tracks your steps, distance moved, calories burned, sleep patterns, reproductive health, menstrual cycle, and stress.  And on the other hand, you can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or clip.

Not only it’s optimized for women’s health, but it’s also water-resistant and shower safe.

spire health tag

Spire Health Tags are small wearable devices that you attach to your clothes: your bras, underwear, pants, pajama, gym short….

You get 8 tags in one pack. Each tag has a battery that lasts over a year and a half and is Washer & dryer safe.

The device tracks your breathing through a sensor and notifies you when you start getting tense to remind you to calm down and breathe. You can track your progress and collect daily statistics about your health through the free iOS companion app that also provides actionable insights and recommendations.

Simple as it sounds, “just set it and forget it”.

Prana is a wearable device that tracks both your breathing and your posture. It improves your body and mind by helping you breathe well and properly sit to profoundly reduce the daily stress you carry around. Among its features:

  • Tracking your diaphragmatic breathing and posture from a single location on your waistband
  • Notifying you when your breathing or posture can be improved
  • Training your breathing for rapid relief from stress and anxiety
  • An app that works on both iOS and Android

This is a stress thermometer.

 Its concept is simple; “Cold hands are tense, warm hands are relaxed.”

When you’re stressed, tiny blood vessels under your skin constrict. The flow of blood is then redirected to your major muscles and internal organs (like the brain and the heart), and you start having cold fingers, hands, and feet.

This concept is called Hand Warming Biofeedback.

This device uses your skin temperature changes to help you know your stress level.

Stress Relief Games

This desktop game will remove your boredom and stress and build your hand and eye coordination. Very lightweight, portable, easy to assemble, easy to store, and fun.

A Kendama is a Japanese toy that involves trying to catch and balance a wooden ball on the attached handle. There are four different ways you can catch it, and it actually takes quite a bit of concentration as well as hand-eye coordination to be successful in it.The one we’ve picked is made with a solid real wood toy, which makes it very fashionable and durable. A great way to relieve stress at work.
80’s and 90’s lovers, this game is for you! It has the Authentic 80’s graphics, sounds, and gameplay, which makes it as exciting as the original.Compact (4 inches wide, 5.75 inches height), you will easily find a spot for it on your desktop.The one we’ve picked is made with a solid real wood toy, which makes it very fashionable and durable. A great way to relieve stress at work.

Well-Being Tools

This small ball is filled with gel rather than foam and made with nylon. And that makes it easy to grip, squeeze (2.36 inches), and also clean.It comes with a free exercise guide and a lifetime warranty!

If you need a bigger ball to digest your stress, Giant Stress Ball is your match. It’s a gigantic blue 6-inch stress ball filled with gel that you can squeeze with both hands and arms.

A great tool to reduce work stress.

This is a handy scalp massager with rubber beads over each spindle that glides over your scalp producing a euphoric feeling every time you use it. Once you start massaging your head, your stress will decrease gradually letting you feel deeply relaxed. 

Adult coloring books help a lot of people relax and instantly feel calmer. Each page is specially created to encourage stress relief and to be used by adults at any skill level. They help serve many beneficial purposes. They can be so much more than the color by number that people might be thinking they are. They can be focused, therapeutic, relaxing, calming, problem solving, and organizational.

Make your place smell good with this essential oil diffuser, a good smell always gives a good feeling. VicTsing is compact, and super quiet thanks to the unique noise reducing cover. Customers like it because of its stylish look, but also because it integrates four functions (Power /Mist / Sleep mode) into one button.

Is Stress Always Negative? Is It Ok To Feel Stressed?

The short answer is no; it isn’t all the time negative.

You can see it this way, stress is a burst of energy. It can be positive energy or negative energy depending on the situation. Good stress is beneficial and motivating, while bad stress causes anxiety and health problems.

Stress is a normal thing, and it’s unreasonable to expect people to deeply focus for a long period of time because it’s just impossible.

Feeling stressed is something you should not feel guilty about. When you are distracted, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t paying attention, it simply means that your brain needs a break.

Studies have shown that minor distractions can help boost productivity because they help the brain connect the dots and form a better understanding of all the things it has been processing before (diffuse thinking).

Nevertheless, we should pay attention to when the stress starts negatively impacting our lives because the side effects can be severe:

  • Inability to concentrate
  • Inability to complete tasks
  • Get sick more often (low immune system)
  • Body aches
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Trouble falling sleeping or staying awake
  • Changes in appetite

What Are The Tools That Can Help Me Relieve My Stress During The Day?

  • Fidgets:

They are self-regulation tools to help you with focus, attention, calming, and active listening. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures and are often referred to by various different names.

  • Toys And Games:

Games are entertaining and fun. When you play, all your stress goes away, and you recharge your batteries again.

  • Stress Balls:

They are made of gel or soft clay that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. They increase blood circulation and decrease stress, negative tension, and emotions when you start squeezing them.

  • Meditation:

Meditation is a powerful tool, it helps you calm your mind and body, and communicate with your inner soul. One of the meditation’s benefits is that you start to see things clearly in your life. No ambiguity, no fog, no stress.

  • Good sleep:

Quality sleep is an important factor in maintaining mental and physical health. If you sleep well during the night, you will have enough energy to perform all the tasks of the next day.

If daily, better! Exercising is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Have a workout plan and stick to it, you’ll notice the difference.

  • Calming Drinks:

You can drink tea for example (with Peppermint, chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, rose, and green tea), smoothies, fresh vegetable and fruit juice, water…

  • Apps:

There are plenty of apps, paid but also free, for guided meditation, fighting anxiety, and stress. Use them to monitor your stress and feel better.

Final Thoughts ~ Stress Relief Gadgets

The work-life can get hectic sometimes, leading to a lot of stress, making achieving your tasks even harder.

We hope you liked our stress-relief gadgets, hand fidgets, toys, and tools. We made sure to provide you with a variety of tools to accommodate all tastes and preferences. 

Remember that feeling stressed all the time, having frequent anxiety hits, breathing heavily, and panicking at work are signs that you SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER ignore.

We would love to hear from you, leave us a comment below.